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Whether you are seeking Infectious disease prevention, Antimicrobial Stewardship, Infectious Disease consultation, travel medicine advice and recommendation, or ongoing treatment for any infectious illness, Comprehensive Infectious Disease consultants has the knowledge, experience, skills, and compassion to meet your personal or facilities’ health care needs.

CIDC’s physician knowledge extends into many areas of care that include infection prevention, antimicrobial stewardship, quality assurance, telemedicine and health care information technology. CIDC has helped numerous facilities throughout the San Fernando Valley improve their health care metrics via direct involvement in the administrative aspects of patient care and Infectious Disease.

We also specialize in the medical care of critically ill patients with complicated infections. Our physicians have extensive experience, authoritative expertise and well-recognized professional skills to treat patients with infectious disease issues As consultants to fellow physicians and hospitals throughout the San Fernando Valley, CIDC treats patients with UTIs, pneumonias, complicated intra-abdominal infections, soft tissue infections, HIV, C. Diff colitis, Valley Fever-Ccoccidiomycosis, MRSA, as well as numerous other infectious ailments and conditions.

For Infection Prevention CIDC teams up with other health care professionals to create standards that medical care facilities can use to prevent and manage infections. CIDC Antimicrobial Stewardship consulting allows administrators to create evidence based practices that will work to protect not only patients, but staff members and the community at large. Our Antimicrobial stewardship expertise can make a dramatic difference in your facilities antibogram and overall cost effectiveness

CIDC currently serves hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, clinics and wound care centers with direct in patient and on call services available. We are excited to work closely with you as a patient or with facility health care administrators to ensure the best medical care possible for all.

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Office hours :
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